Refer A Child

Refer A Child

Interested in becoming part of the Boys Hope Girls Hope family?
Know someone you’d like to nominate for the program?
Use this information as a guide.

Do you know a child or youth who has great potential and needs an opportunity? Nominate him or her to join our program and become a part of the Boys Hope Girls Hope family network. Use this information as a guide.

Step 1 Online Application/Referral with orange background
Step 2 Interview & Need Assessment with orange background
Step 3 Guardian Provides Information with orange background
Step 4 Review of Academics & Records with orange background
Step 5 Affiliate Site Visits with orange background
Step 6 Assessment and Evaluation with orange background
Step 7 Final Admission Decision with orange background

Admission Criteria:

  • Grit, ambition, and motivation coupled with positive goals and a cooperative work ethic
  • Capacity to thrive in an academically rigorous setting and complete challenging coursework
  • Willingness to adapt to our family-like environment and embrace high expectations for pro-social behavior
  • Demonstrated readiness on the part of the guardian to collaborate with program personnel and accompany their child on the journey to academic achievement and personal growth
  • Significant need for services, evidenced by community and family risk factors, and lack of access to quality education
Mae Jamison and two girls from BHGH

Parents/Guardians as Partners

Partnership with parents and guardians is essential to the Boys Hope Girls Hope program. Scholars who join the program are expanding their family to include us, and the best support systems include biological and adoptive families, BHGH staff, and mentors from the community.

Although Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore is not a traditional family service agency, many parents and guardians benefit from services provided by the program, including information on, and referral to, community resources, parenting guidance, crisis intervention and informal counseling.

As a parent or guardian, please contact [email protected] for information regarding your relationship with and expectations from Boys Hope Girls Hope.

The first step is a referral.

Invest in the success of our scholars!