You Are NOT Invited!  With all of the virtual meetings, with Zoom this and Skype that—we thought we could give you a reason to unplug and support a great cause without using a meeting ID or masking up.  Support our Fall fundraiser by making a donation online or sending a check…. and whatever you do—DO NOT COME!

Let's make 2020 Un-Eventful!

Buy Your Ticket
to NOT Attend.

No event.

No video call.

Just a great cause.

Individual Ticket | $50

Family Ticket | $100

Student Ticket | $20

Senior Citizen Ticket | $30

(or donate whatever you can)

50/50 Raffle | $10

The sponsorship opportunity of 2020

Make it possible for people
to NOT get on one more video call
(while supporting an amazing cause)!

The Al Capone’s Vault Sponsor | $10,000

The Art Vandelay Latex Salesman Sponsor | $5,000

The George Glass Brady Bunch Sponsor | $2,500

The Norm’s Wife Vera from Cheers Sponsor | $1,000

The War of the Worlds Sponsor | $500

The Snuffleupagus Sponsor | $250

The Spinal Tap Family Sponsor | $100